Mohammad Waseem Sitarmaker (Maner)

Manufacturer and exporters of classic and custom made sitar and tanpuras

Mhammulal Sitarmaker (Grandfather of Mohammad Waseem)

Welcome to Mohammad Waseem's Online Portal. We are one of the Oldest and Well Known Sitarmaker in Miraj City. Our family & Ancestors are doing Sitarmaking business for almost 100 years and are one of the most reputed people among the Sitarmakers in Miraj City. The Sitars and Tanpuras made by us are known for the best quality, durability and design.

Mohammad Waseem was born in the city of Miraj. In his childhood, Md. Waseem used to go to his Grandfather (Maternal) Late. Mhammulal Husensahab Sitarmaker's workshop. The fact about Mhammulal is that he did Jawari for 30 years even though he was blind.

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  • Just after I bought my sitar 10 years ago, I found out that there is its "bass" variant called Surabahar and I remember myself thinking: "Oh shit, I should have rather bought this one" Yesterday, one of my dreams came true, as I received my first custom made instrument beautifully sounding Surbahar crafter by great Mohammad Waseem Sitarmaker (Maner)

    Sasha Zuboff, Czech Republic

  • Waseem, your craftsmanship on Juhan Puhm s Tanpura is absolutely stunning and its sound is just beautiful

    Anna Pedersen, Canada

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